Case studies

Case studies

Success Stories of Boosted Online Presence

Dive into our impactful case studies that highlight the transformative power of our Social Media Marketing Agency. Witness how our expert strategies have propelled businesses to new heights, increasing brand awareness, driving online traffic, and generating substantial growth.

Dandy Del Mar

Achieved Reliable Customer Acquisition and Brand Lift (Engagement & Recall)

Dandy Del Mar has synthesized the vintage daydream aesthetic with the contemporary comfort, function and durability many seek. By meticulously combining the finer pieces painted by the Dandies of the past, Dandy is reviving, and refining, the Art of Leisure.


Maximizing Growth with Performance Creative + Paid Media

SunHaven helps you transform your patio area into the space of your dreams with outdoor sets designed for relaxation. SunHaven is a luxury furniture brand, specializing in outdoor furniture sets that are pre-assembled, modular and easy to arrange.


Unlocking New Revenue and Scale with Paid Media & Email Marketing

Catch Surf is a premium surf brand headquartered in sunny San Clemente, California. With brick and mortar shops all over the state, Catch Surf is one of the most prominent surf crews in the country.


Increasing Efficiency and Profitability with Less Budget

Improved new customer acquisition while maintaining efficiency. Achieved more than 268% online growth from the previous year, with less budget, showing an increase in overall ROAS by more than 363%.


Boosted Revenue and Brand Awareness via Google Shopping

Worked with the customizable luggage brand while at MuteSix to escalate their brand exposure and impressions with Google Shopping.