Unlocking New Revenue and Scale with Paid Media & Email Marketing

Catch Surf is a premium surf brand headquartered in sunny San Clemente, California. With brick and mortar shops all over the state, Catch Surf is one of the most prominent surf crews in the country.


YouTube ROAS


Revenue Growth

The Challenge

Catch Surf had hit a plateau in their paid efforts and needed a growth partner that understood the surf space in order to help achieve that next level of scale. They needed help increasing sales on the apparel side of the brand, seeing as board sales were so popular they sold out within minutes of being on the website.

The Strategy

Catch Surf had plenty of brand recognition and awareness that needed to be capitalized on. Many professional surfers are affiliated with the brand, every day surfers love the brand, and even non-surfers enjoy the brand. 

Our approach was to find new ways to target our core audiences. How can we encourage board buyers to shop the apparel line? How could we find new pockets of customers that we hadn’t sought after yet?

The Results

We engaged heavily into adjacent audiences like skateboarding, flowboarding, snowboarding, and other action sports. We restructured the Google ads and ramped up the creative testing on the paid social ads to unlock another level of scale that supported an increase of ad spend by 53%.

3x YouTube ROAS
5.8x Paid Media ROAS
6.4x Revenue Growth

  • Launched heavily into YouTube ads to unlock audiences that we knew were already spending time watching surf, skate, and other action sports videos. 
  • Optimized Google Shopping feed to better capture new customers
  • Restructured Email & SMS flows to support more paid media segmentation.
  • Tripled our creative testing on paid social to understand what ads work at scale.