Dandy Del Mar

Achieved Reliable Customer Acquisition and Brand Lift (Engagement & Recall)

Dandy Del Mar has synthesized the vintage daydream aesthetic with the contemporary comfort, function and durability many seek. By meticulously combining the finer pieces painted by the Dandies of the past, Dandy is reviving, and refining, the Art of Leisure.





The Challenge

We started working with Dandy Del Mar just a few months after the brand was born. The ultimate goal was to acquire new customers consistently and reliably. As a new brand, it was also important to establish a baseline for a core set of KPIs. Lastly, we needed to put early effort into building a proper omnichannel customer ecosystem.  

The Strategy

Our approach was simple: place conversion-focused (yet still authentic) creative in front of the right audiences. Spending the majority of budgets on top of funnel was essential to Dandy’s initial success online.

The Results

Through efficient campaign structure and authentic performance creative, we were able to achieve significant brand awareness, profitable CPAs, and considerable revenue growth.

4x ROAS at scale.
49% decrease in CPA
11% increase in LTGP

Here’s how we did it:

  • No sales other than a first purchase discount & BFCM - this helped communicate the luxury and value of the brand.
  • We tested a lot of creative, and a lot of it worked. We kept content on trend but still authentic to the brand.
  • Consolidated account structure as we prioritized new customer acquisition.
  • Tested audiences and optimization strategies in order to develop a replicable formula for the brand that reliably yields positive results.